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Post  Rainstar ~ Inactive on Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:22 am

PM me (NKninja) if you don't see your cat here!


Leader: Echostar ~ calico tabby with kind emerald eyes
Deputy: Smokeshadow ~ dark grey tom cat with bright, almost glowing amber eyes
Medicine Cat: Splattertop ~ tortoiseshell tom with hazel eyes
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Poppypaw ~ snowy-white she-cat with gray patches

Nightshadow ~ jet black tom cat with a single white ear (his left ear) and he has bright amber eyes
Hazelheart ~ light cream she-cat with wide, chocolate-colored tabby stripes
Autumnspark ~ brown tabby she-cat with soft emerald eyes

Brightmist ~ a soft cream-and-white pelted queen with fawn eyes
Monarchleaf ~ a white, brown dappled she-cat with bright green eyes

Shadowpaw/stream ~ jet black she-cat with silver at her paws forming a stream like pattern

Darkkit ~ shadow-black all over; piercing blue eyes
Prairiekit ~ orange and white tabby with clear blue eyes
Birdkit ~ light brown, almost sandy coloured short fur and bright amber eyes
Snakekit ~ dark brown, almost chocolate brown, short fur with icy blue eyes
Bengalkit ~ sandy, leopard spotted she-kit with hazel eyes

Frostbite ~ snowy-white she-cat with blue eyes
Rippleheart ~ long haired silver she-cat with a right white ear and light blue eyes

Number of Cats: 17
Rainstar ~ Inactive
Rainstar ~ Inactive
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