Sparrowflower and her kits. (Open to anyone in Skyclan)

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Sparrowflower and her kits. (Open to anyone in Skyclan)

Post  Silverstar on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:48 pm

Sparrowflower was lying on a warm patch of sun in the nursery. She purred in amusement as her kits played their favorite game. Bluekit charged at Sunkit, who had pinned Flowerkit. Suddenly, Lillykit rushed to her brother's aid.
"That's not fair!" Bluekit protested as he was knocked off and Sunkit had pinned him.
"Your just jealous that we won!" Lillykit teased.
Sunkit flashed Lillykit a warning, he opened his jaws to speak but instead, Thier mother meowed, "Kits, Play nice."

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