Thunderclan cats

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Thunderclan cats

Post  Silverstar on Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:07 am

Note: names coloured in violet are she- cats, those coloured in blue are toms.

Tawnyclaw~ Tabby and white pelt with brown/green eyes
Apprentice: Stonepaw

Brakenclaw~ Shorthaired brown pelt with darker brown stripes and a white muzzle with deep green eyes
Apprentice: None

Whitestorm~ Longhaired Red tabby and white pelt with green eyes
Apprentice: None

Blackrose~ Shorthaired black pelt with blue eyes
Apprentice: None

Scarheart~ Shorthaired black pelt with blue eyes
Apprentice: None

Thundersky~ Shorthaired Black pelt with large yellow eyes
Apprentice: None

Thistlefang~ Shorthaired bright tabby with deep green eyes and three white paws (back right is not white) underbelly and muzzle and a cut on his right ear.
Apprentice: None

Foxfang~ Shorthaired sleek, but fluffy orange fur, ear tips, paws and brown tail. With green eyes, and blind right eye,
Apprentice: None

Duskcloud~ Shorthaired red tabby with black markings on his back, right eye, ears legs and tail with amber eyes.
Apprentice: None

Firepaw~ shorthaired red tabby pelt with amber eyes
Stonepaw~ Longhaired ginger pelt with blue eyes and unusually long claws (ex- thunderclan apprentice)
Silverpaw~ Blue-grey shorthaired with white stripes and blue eyes

Mousetail~ Shorthaired mouse brown tabby with green eyes and thin build
Apprentice: Firepaw
Mother of: Poppykit and Heavykit

Yarrowstream~ Shorthaired sandy yellow pelt, with a Persian-like patterns on a thin framed body. Also with Windclan legs.
Apprentice: None
Mother of: Tinykit

Stormeyes~ Really pretty dark gray pelt with gorgeous blue rainy eyes and lighter silvery stripes along back with white underbelly.
Mother of: Thruskit

Medicine cat:
Lionfur~ Thick longhaired golden ginger fur with bright amber eyes
Apprentice: Silverpaw

Poppykit~ Shorthaired Calico and white pelt with blue eyes
Tinykit~ Dark silver tabby with white paws and underbelly and muzzle and tail tip and with dark blue eyes
Wolfskit/paw/bane~ Shorthaired, born as a dark brown tabby, with the normal light blue of any newborn. After a while, the blue will fade slowly to a deep Sea-Green, with amber flecks on the outside edge of the iris. In apprenticehood, the almost black coat will lighten to a light brown, and the outer coat will stop growing once it reaches medium length. Appear later in life. as an elder blindness creeps up, leaving his eyes a pale blue-grey.

Total number of cats: 19 so far

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