Starclan cats

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Starclan cats

Post  Silverstar on Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:10 am

Note: names coloured in violet are she- cats, those coloured in blue are toms.

Berrystar~ Shorthaired creamy ginger pelt with blue eyes (Formally of Windclan)

Duststar~ Shorthaired dark brown pelt with Amber eyes (Formally of Rockclan)

Silverstar~ Shorthaired light silver- grey pelt with stunning blue eyes (Formally of Thunderclan)

Redclaw~ Shorthaired light red tabby pelt with light green eyes (Formally of Thunderclan)

Cloudfur~ Shorthaired white pelt with blue eyes (Formally of Rockclan)

Greenwind~ Shorthaired brown pelt with green eyes (Formally of Thunderclan)

Blackscar~ Shorthaired black pelt with scars and a black eye (Formally of Thunderclan)

Raintail~ Longhaired pretty calico pelt with deep blue eyes (Formally of Nightclan)

Snowfang~ Longhaired white pelt with green eyes (Formally of Thunderclan)

Dawnpaw~ Shorthaired small brown pelt with yellow eyes (Formally of Thunderclan)

Treepaw~ Shothaired pure white pelt with green eyes (Formally of Riverclan.)

Icepaw~ Shorthaired whitepelt with right blue eye and left green eye, half deaf (Formally of Thunderclan)

Frostpaw~ Longhaired white pelt with sparkling green eyes (Formally of Thunderclan)

Distortpaw~ Shorthaired white pelt with blue eyes (Formally of Thunderclan)

None as yet

Medicine cats:
None as yet

None as yet

Total number of cats: 14 so far

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