Nightclan cats

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Nightclan cats

Post  Silverstar on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:40 pm

Note: names coloured in violet are she- cats, those coloured in blue are toms.

Brokenstar~ Shorthaired and very large brown cat with black tiger stripes and a torn ear with yellow eyes
Appentice: None

Moonleaf~ Shorthaired gray and white pelt with brown eyes
Apprentice: Leopardpaw

Darkheart~ Shorthaired black pelt with white face, blue eyes, sharp claws and a scar that runs across his eye
Apprentice: None

Moontail~ Shorthaired small russian blue with bright blue eyes
Apprentice: None

Hawkfrost~ Shorthaired brown- orange tom with sharp claws and green eyes
Apprentice: None

Skyclaw~ Medium longhaired dark tabby and white with clear green eyes
Apprentice: None

Iceclaw~ Shorthaired light grey pelt with icy blue eyes and sharp claws
Appretice: None

Midnightheart~ Thickfurred grey pelt with a white diamond matking on chest and white paws. Also has brown/black stripes.
Apprentice: None

Wolfspirit~ Bulky tom with fluffy, well groomed fur, the pelt is very dark, with a white stripe on his nose and the stripe goes over his head, and onto his spine the eyes are icy blue and his paws are white
Apprentice: None

Leopardpaw~ Shorthaired Golden pelt with black leopard like patterns on his pelt with a white belly, muzzle and paws and light green eyes

Debrispaw~ Shorthaired brown pelt with almost ginger flecks, as well as some dark blue/gray flecks. Due to a disability, left eye is amber and right eye is ice cold blue. Tortie like breed and has one scar that flays across her back slightly.

None as yet

Medicine cat:
Shadowfang~ Longhaired black pelt with yellow eyes and a scar over his left cheek
Apprentice: None

Nightkit~ Shorthaired dark brown almost grey pelt with black tabby stripes and golden eyes.

Icekit~ Shorthaired dark grey- almost black pelt with ice blue eyes and one white right paw with a white circular marking over his left eye.

Darkkit~ Longhaired jet black pelt with deep green eyes. she has three white spots that are under both eyes, they are allined in a line and a distinctive blue-grey tail.

Total number of cats: 15 so far

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