Leafclan cats

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Leafclan cats

Post  Silverstar on Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:44 pm

Note: names coloured in violet are she- cats, those coloured in blue are toms.

Leafstar~ Shorthaired dark brown pelt with leaf green eyes that turn silver in moonlight
Appentice: None

Oakclaw~ A Shorthaired large orange cat with a white chest and paws, sharp claws and amber eyes
Apprentice: None

Stormtail~ A longhaired light grey pelt with dark amber eyes
Apprentice: None

Goldenear~ A shorthaired light golden pelt with white on front right paw and under the tail. Disticntive golden ears
Apprentice: None

Yellowclaw~ A Shorthaired black pelt with one white paw, green eyes and large build.
Apprentice: None

Rainpaw~ Shorthaired Grey pelt with blue eyes

None as yet

Medicine cat:
Skystorm~ Shorthaired black pelt with a white face, one white paw and blue eyes
Apprentice: None

None as yet

Total number of cats: 7 so far

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