Leafclan, the clan of ex- clanners

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Leafclan, the clan of ex- clanners

Post  Silverstar on Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:30 pm

Clan/tribe/territory name: Leafclan
Desired leader: Leafstar
Where the clan is positioned/boundaries: In a deep oak forrest where plenty of bracken and brambles cover the border. They share their borders with Thunderclan, and their border stopps at the Thunderpath accross from Shadowclan
Past: Leafclan began ever since a single cat from Shadowclan was banished from Shadowclan, Leafpelt left, her mate Duskfur she had to leave behind, because he didn't stand up for her when she was caught trying to help her sister's clan when they were caring for her kit Dawnkit. Ever since Leafpelt became Leafstar and Leafstar only accepts cats that either left their clan or loners who have no clan. kittypets soon began to be trained as warriors and have proved themselves to be warriors for the clan to be proud of.

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