Skyclan cats

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Skyclan cats

Post  Silverstar on Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:32 am

Note: names coloured in violet are she- cats, those coloured in blue are toms.

Swiftstar~ Shorthaired white and blue pelt with blue eyes
Appentice: None

Stormwhisker~ Shorthaired black pelt with white throat and green eyes (Blind and mute)
Apprentice: Sunpaw

Mistclaw~ Shorthaired red and dark grey/black tabby pelt with green/ yellow eyes
Apprentice: None

Flashclaw~ Shorthaired Dark red tabby pelt with blue eyes
Apprentice: Thunderpaw

Dreamcloud~ Shorthaired creamy white pelt with green eyes
Apprentice: Lillypaw

Stormtail~ Shorthaired large black tom with one white paw, sharp claws and yellow eyes
Apprentice: None

Royalsong~ Longhaired white pelt with blue eyes (Mother of Thunderpaw)
Apprentice: None

Snowhope~ Shorthaired Snow white pelt with dark ember eyes
Apprentice: None

Thunderpaw~ Shorthaired black pelt with blue eyes
Lillypaw~ Longhaired white pelt with brown stripes and solid black tail with amber eyes
Sunpaw~ Longhaired golden pelt with black tabby markings, two black dots above yellow eyes

Sparrowflower~ Longhaired black and white pelt with silver-grey classic tabby markings and yellow eyes (Mother of Bluekit, Flowerkit, Lillykit and Sunkit)

Medicine cat:
Cloudfur~ Thick furred white pelt with light brown burmese markings and blue eyes
Apprentice: None

Bluekit~ Longhaired white pelt with blue-grey spots and dark blue tail with light blue eyes
Flowerkit~ Thick furred pretty silver and black tabby with yellow eyes

Total number of cats: 14 so far

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