Riverclan cats

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Riverclan cats

Post  Silverstar on Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:23 am

Note: names coloured in violet are she- cats, those coloured in blue are toms.

Jaystar~ Shorthaired blue- grey tabby with leaf green eyes
Appentice: None

Owltalon~ Longhaired brown tabby with black stripes and white over the muzzle and chest with yellow eyes
Apprentice: None

Graycloud~ Thick furred white pelt with varying sized smoky gray patches all over and a patch that goes over her right eye. She has a plumed tail and her eyes are a light blue.

Littlelight~ Shorthaired white pelt with blue tipped ears and blue tipped tail with spots of brown, black and orange (like leaves) and black tiger stripes.
Apprentice: None

Goldenheart~ Shorthaired pure white pelt with golden points on her ears, nose, toes, and tail. At night time the golden becomes blue. with bright golden eyes
Apprentice: None

Mayfrost~ Shorthaired bluish-silver pelt with white paws, tail tip, chest, and muzzle with golden-yellow eyes.
Apprentice: None

Pinewhisper~ Shorthaired black pelt with brown spots, tail tip, paws and over both eyes with ice blue eyes.
Apprentice: None

Lakepaw~ Shorthaired gray tabby pelt with rich chestnut-coloured eyes and a scar down the side of the face, near the eye

Sparklepool~ Shorthaired ginger with fur like flames with eyes are a gentle green, sparkling with a sky-blue shade and her left ear is nicked.

Bluepelt~Shorthaired russian blue pelt with deep blue eyes and thorn sharp claws

Medicine cat:
Brightsun~ Shorthaired tabby and whit pelt with green eyes
Apprentice: None

None as yet

Total number of cats: 10 so far

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