Rules Must read before cat can be made

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Rules Must read before cat can be made

Post  Silverstar on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:43 am

No foul language ~I don't like to have racist or rude comments on my site. If you do you will be given a warning
No Powerplaying ~Don't make it for example, "Birdsong leaped at Goldtail, she leaped away and gave him a death blow before biting his neck and killing him." the only time you could do that is if both cats were your own. You CAN'T kill other player's cats without consent. Please make sure you don't do this.
No Godmodding ~You can't make your cat/character invinsible, if you don't want them to die don't put them in a position where it's hopeless to get away.
No Minimodding ~If someone breaks the rules, don't just tell them what they did (Unless your a mod) You report them, PM a mod or me and we will deal with the problem as it comes.
No Bullying ~This one is one of the most serious causes around, if you do happen to get bullied we would like evidence so we can deal with the problem swiftly. We will then inform you once the action has been completed and let you know what we have done.
Always respect other members ~It means that if someone decides to show their artwork or literature don't just say, "That just stinks your the worst artist ever." You can get into quite a bit of trouble.
No spamming ~yes, you can advertise your own site(s) for warrior cats but in the topic where it says 'Advertise a site'. Don't go PMing everyone saying, "Please join my site."
Only have as many cats as you can handle ~Don't make 12 cats if you believe it will be too many for you to handle.
Be as active as you can ~Even if it means posting once per month then great, if you know your going to be away for more then that, PM me I will allow you to be absent for the amount of time you specify. If you no longer wish to be on this site, let me know, we will then place your cat(s) up for adoption and delete your account.

OK, with the rules settled I hope there wont be any more confusion. Enjoy!

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