Lionfur speaks to Silverstar

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Lionfur speaks to Silverstar Empty Lionfur speaks to Silverstar

Post  Silverstar on Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:07 am

Lionfur padded into the den, "You wanted me Silverstar?" He meowed, nodding and happy that she ate her sparrow.
Silverstar nodded, "Yes, Lionfur... I just saw Silverkit and hoped she got you."
Lionfur nodded, "I wanted to speak with you also."
Silverstar flicked her tail, willing him to speak first, "Silverstar," He began, "I had a vision, I was sitting by a lake, when I looked into it, Instead of me, I saw Silverkit."

Silverstar said nothing, "Silverkit?"
Lionfur nodded, "Yes, I believe Starclan is willing for Silverkit to be my apprentice."
Silverstar nodded, "Yes, that would make sense since Silverkit seems more and more interested in your den." Her whiskers twitched with amusement.
Lionfur then meowed, "When should this be announced?"

Silverstar asked, "Have you spoken to Silverkit about this?"
Lionfur shook his head, "No, But I will speak to her.
Silverstar nodded, "I'll announce once Tawnyclaw's hunting patrol returns, I need to speak to her and the other cats anyway."
Lionfur dipped his head, "Thank you Silverstar." he turned and left, heading towards the nursery.

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