New Forums added! (Please read)

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New Forums added! (Please read)

Post  Silverstar on Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:03 am

What's happened to this site?
Where's Thunderclan, or Skyclan, or Nightclan?

Here is where I'll explain...
NK made a suggestion to me about making two other forums containing the clans.
This allows people to see that the clans are different from the main ones and adds less confusion for new members who don't understand purely about warriors.

if you feel lost I'll explain even further:
the four original clans from the series are under the Main clans forum. The clans here are Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan and Windclan.

The other fan made or psuedo clans are under psuedo clans. the clans here are Skyclan, Rockclan, Nightclan, Leafclan and Eclipseclan.

"But there'a another forum? What is it doing there?"
That is for Staff only, Staff are admins, moderators and mods in training.

"Then why can I acess the Contests?"
Here's the fun part... every once in a while, a member is picked, generally they are loyal active members, and they create contests for us to compete in. The one member selected, has the responsibility of judging also, especially when we pick them to make a contest for us.

Why not use the contests section instead?
In the contests, I tend to miss out taking part since I am a judge... I just want to join in the fun also, that and I have promised my staff a fun section or that we would do fun stuff... Any more questions?

Yes! What happens with the rest of us? We aren't staff members but we want to be.
>.> In other words you want to be a staff member...
Only I decide after speaking to SS about it. But there is still important positions open, so don't give up. I love you

OK... But what if I have been here for AGES!!! Does that mean anything?!
I don't add people due to their attendance and activity. Yes, it does prove to us that you are a worthy canidate... but I judge by actions, if you haven't been active and suddenly become active once a slot is open for you... Forget it! I expect my staff to be responsible, respectible members of the community.
It doesn't mean I don't trust others... there's more people I wish to be part of my team. I'm not saying you aren't a friend... or loyal even. I just like picking those for the right time... Understand?

hey! Chin up, you still have just as much a chance as everyone else.

Also, I've been trying to update the allegiences, if there's a cat missing or if you know of permanently inactive members let me know by commenting below. Please also comment if you have any questions or concerns about what happened to the forum...
That's all my updates for you my pretties. What a Face
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