Belated entry (( Sorta ))

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Belated entry (( Sorta ))

Post  NKninja on Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:31 am

OOC: I got my cereal, It's 9:00 PM.... LETS GET THIS OVER WITH!!! Very Happy
I would like to ask you a few questions. (these aren't multi choice... Just answer them truthfully)

1. What would you do if a member isn't being nice to you or any one else?
Overall, I'd give them a warning, explain to them what can lead to doing what they had been doing, nothing harsh in any way of who they were hurting, and their reaction. I'd adapt to the conflict and answer reasoningly and attempt to get some tidbits of evidence from each side.. The pedestrian.. and the cause of the problem...
If they have a reason to act in such a way, The warning will be weak then it could had been.

2. What would you do if you spotted artwork that was stolen?

I'd first show them who drew this first, tell them if that picture was theirs after giving them enough evidence and information that this was stolen or amonst a drastic copyright. I would then politely ask them to take it off. If this doesn't happen, i'll do it myself (Depending on how much I can mod). If more stolen artwork is posted and from the same poster, an immediate report to Ezzie herself. That. Is. That!

3. If I asked you any suitable question... In what manner would you answer?

Mostly sarcastically, perky... HOWEVER THE HELL I FEEL!! Sorry! That's rage there!
But actually, i'd respond with respect and be conservative of what I say, and possibly ask you of why you'd ask this or anything along such lines. Very perky, but not BLARGH perky.... Ja know? No? Okay.... MOVING ON!

4. If I gave you this position... What would you do to help aid me and others in this site? And Why do you want to be a moderator for Warriors of the Sun?

I'd normally help out some display work, organization, locking topics that are belatingly old, The casual mod work. But I'd mostly love to work on the formation of some forums, as they are in some strange categories. And as being an admin on another site, I have a tidbit of experience on cleaning up categories to their correct place ( Like cleaning my snow globe collection.. Okay maybe not)

I was only elected to be a mod, I said nothing amongst being one. So if I don't.... So be it. There are others conserving that are far above my recognition, And will have more experience then I. But being a moderator does mean power.... As if that mattered in this hugabullo world. I guess I'd want to be a mod because of how much can be expanded into a site from being another coach in command. Because being a mod shows recognition that you are a trustful person the moment someone joins a site. Mostly along the lines of assisting the novice Role-Players and treating them to what they can do on such a site like this.

Also, what can you offer by being the next mod?

I could give out a bit more of activity to myself. And help out with a plot line that still needs to be launched forward into the public. I can create antagonists with personalities and backstories that will be morbid and amusing for a battle or conflict. I can regain more activity to the other main clans ( like I can't do that now! DERP!)
and even though I'm the youngest competitor for being a mod ( and 13 WHOOOOO!!!!!!) I will adapt with age to more detailed stories and posts.

Even though there's not much I can offer, I'd bet you that What I can offer will increase if I do or don't become one... These things take time and progress to represent why this is really important to me and others.

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