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Post  Rainstar ~ Inactive on Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:20 am

All rightly, here are my answers (without the questions):

First Question ~ I would first let you know, then I'll ask/learn of the reason for their behavior, and act accordingly. If it is intentionally, then I'll be sure to let you know.

Second Question ~ If it is truly the owner's work, I'll first ask the owner if it was available for “stealing”; if not, I'll notify you and the guilty.

Third Question ~ I'll try to answer with as much respect and dignity as my condition would allow.

Fourth Question ~ Keep everybody safe and unmolested, make sure newbies are following the rules, and anything else you or SS might need me to do.

Fifth Question ~ I'm afraid there really is no reason, as I am “put in the spot”, so to speak.

Sixth Question ~ To the best of my abilities, safe members and RPing.

Cats I RP:

From SkyClan:
Jewelstone ~ kit
Crystalspirit ~ apprentice
Snowhope ~ warrior
Hiddensecret ~ warrior
Gentlewing ~ warrior
Duskflare ~ warrior
Gemdust ~ elder

From EclipseClan:
Diamondstar ~ leader
Brightmist ~ queen
Darkmoon ~ kit
Prairiesong ~ kit

Silentseeker ~ ex-WindClanner/loner
Sirenpaw ~ loner

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Rainstar ~ Inactive
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