Uno's Mod Quiz Answers

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Uno's Mod Quiz Answers

Post  Unforgiven on Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:24 am

This isn't breaking news, so I'll be posting it here instead.

I would like to ask you a few questions. (these aren't multi choice... Just answer them truthfully)

Firstly; What would you do if a member isn't being nice to you or any one else?

Verbal Warning on thread first time. I don't know if you do it here, but warning level increased second and a final warning second time. Third Time, Increased warning again, as well as temporary ban, depends on severity. If needed, temp ban for severe actions. If behavior continues, permanent Banning. We are here to Roleplay and have fun, not be trashed and put down for any reason.
Secondly; What would you do if you spotted artwork that was stolen?

In a thread, edit and lock, as well as warning via pm. If behavior continues, increased warning level, as well as locking from the parts of this forum on which plagiarism had been executed.

On somebody's signature/ Profile at all- Tell them politely via pm. If they do not change it, warm them again. If it still happens, temporary banning as well as forced removal of picture.
Thirdly; If I asked you any suitable question... In what manner would you answer?

Politely, and Honestly. I'd rather set an example for others and influence them to do the right thing, then lie and teach them how to do wrong.
And lastly; If I gave you this position... What would you do to help aid me and others in this site? And Why do you want to be a moderator for Warriors of the Sun?

I would do anything I can as to make sure the forums run smoothly as possible, supporting the rules and rping fairly. Why do I want to be a mod? So I could help everybody else be the best they can be to themselves, and others. I've been around, and seen some Staff even being flat-out rude. Between us Members, we're family. Blood is Thicker then water. Why let one rude or nasty person come between all of us? We stick together, members and mods as one, we can make sure this forum can be the greatest.

Also, what can you offer by being the next mod?

Anything I can do in my power as to help this site. It's not every day one has the opportunity to help an already great site, and I want to give it to chance to better itself further. Everybody deserves the best of the best. This site is exactly that, but everything can always get better. Always. I plan to help everybody and everything here be that.


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