A late return for the patrollers (Something's up with Silverstar???)

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A late return for the patrollers (Something's up with Silverstar???)

Post  Silverstar on Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:51 am

Silverstar, followed by Firepaw and Mousetail entered the clearing. With a flick of Silverstar's tail-tip twitched irritably. She stalked towards her den, turning before nodding finally nodding to Mousetail, whom in understanding raced away to find Tawnyclaw.

"Tawnyclaw!" Mousetail yowled out, she noticed how her own voice was raspy and she was soon out of breath.
Firepaw was watching her leader enter the den, then her fur stood on end as she watched her leader stagger, almost fell over but got to her paws.

"Lionfur!" Firepaw called out to the medicine cat.
"Lionfur! Silverpaw! Come quick! Something's wrong with Silverstar!"

Immediatey, Lionfur, whom was sharing tongues with a rather silent Stonepaw, got tohis paws and raced towards the apprentice.
"Is she in her den?"
Firepaw nodded, Lionfur brushed past her, racing towards the leader's den.

Firepaw strained her ears to hear, there was some murmuring, then suddenly the conversation ended, and Lionfur was sent out.
"She's fine." He grumbled under his breath.
"No she isn't! She could-"
"Enough!" Lionfur hissed, making Firepaw jump in suprise. Lionfur sighed, "I have done all I need to, Silverstar's refusing any treatment, that is all you need to know."
(Continued in the leader's den)

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