Fireflower's dream and awakening.

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Fireflower's dream and awakening. Empty Fireflower's dream and awakening.

Post  Silverstar on Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:52 am

Fireflower was running along Fourtrees, Silverpelt shone brightly overhead, Duskfur ran beside her, she could feel his pelt brushing against her fur, causing it to tremble. The two skidded to a halt, the leaves of Leaf-fall skidded underpaw, Duskfur purred, "I love you Fireflower."
Fireflower brushed her head against his, "I love you too... but," She withdrew her head, "What are we going to do? Your in Shadowclan and I'm in Windclan, how will we be together?"
Duskfur meowed, "But, why ask that? No one's going to find out."
Fireflower shook her head, "I- I can't... I know how much you love me... but I can't break the code... I... I just can't."

Duskfur nodded sadly, "Why don't we at least spend our last time here? Then we'll part ways."
Fireflower hesitated, but nodded, "OK."

The two sat down, watching Silverpelt, Duskfur gave Fireflower an affectionate lick between the ears as the two stayed where they were. Fireflower opened her eyes, yawning she stretched, then looking over, "Morning Dusk-." She cut off, then she remembered, she was in the Windclan nursery, Duskfur was in Shadowclan, and she already missed him despite the fact that they only met at gatherings, but she never saw him outside of that.

The two had agreed to be loyal to their clan despite their love for each other. She got up, sighing and padded out towards the fresh kill pile.

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