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In the warriors den

Post  Little on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:40 pm

Littlelight sat in his nest, he was bored, nothing really has been happening in riverclan lately "When is there going to be some action?" Littlelight grumbled to himself.

Littlelight had decided to go for a bit of a walk, at least its something Littlelight thought padding up to the river "A little fishing wouldn't hurt, there is nothing else to do today" Littlelight said with a gleam in his eyes and a skip in his step

"There!" Littlelight said out loud next to a tiny pile of fish he had spent most of the day fishing out of the river it'll be good to stock up on some food. Littlelight started padding down back to camp and the ground started to get... softer, he thought it was nothing and started walking down further when he suddenly fell into a hole
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