The three cats return (Open to all)

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The three cats return (Open to all)

Post  Silverstar on Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:00 am

Stormtail was the first to arrive inside the camp. His forehead had a gash that was bleeding uncontrolably, he had a major limp in his step and his whole body was aching and bleeding. He was followed by Goldenear, who wasn't as severely wounded, her tail was bleeding from a bite wound and her neck had several scratches, and Leafstar followed. Leafstar was worse then the other two, she had a major limp, several bite marks in her neck, shoulder and tail, several scratches on her neck, belly, tail, back and shoulder, plus blood was getting into her right eye from an injury on her forehead, plus her right ear had been torn.

The three paused when in the center, Leafstar felt weak, she collapsed onto the ground, blood still pouring out, Goldenear stared at her leader, Look at all that blood! If Leafstar isn't treated soon she could just about loose a life in the center of camp!

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