Silverstar speaks with Lionfur. (Open to anyone else I guess)

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Silverstar speaks with Lionfur. (Open to anyone else I guess)

Post  Silverstar on Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:37 pm

Lionfur was seated near Frostpaw, who had just awakened. Silverpaw padded in, she dipped her head to Lionfur who greeted her the same. Lionfur spotted Silverstar's bad limp, But it was Mousetail who replied, "Silverstar, your limping."
Silverstar ignored her and meowed to Lionfur, "How's the others?"
Lionfur nodded, "They'll recover, but I suggest you stay for a bit... just so I can check your wound isn't infected."
"I'm fine." Silverstar meowed, but as Lionfur placed the smallest of touch near the bite, she winced and hissed, "That hurt!"
Lionfur sniffed around the wound, it was a little pussy and unclean.

"Your paw's infected," he meowed, "Wait here, could you just clean your paw for me?" He turned to his herb store and dragged out a few Marigold leaves, while Silverstar did what she was told, then using the juice he spat onto the wound. It stung a bit, But Lionfur knew that it'll take the pain and infection away.

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