A mini patrol, and a bad injury. (Open to all Thunderclan)

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A mini patrol, and a bad injury. (Open to all Thunderclan)

Post  Silverstar on Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:44 pm

Silverstar followed by Mousetail, Brackenclaw, and the two apprentices Firepaw and Icepaw. The two snuck out of camp after hearing the warriors and their leader were going to fetch their sister, Frostpaw from Leafclan. But Thunderclan was caught off guard, after Leafstar's patrol decided to launch an attack. Both were unaware that the apprentices were in waiting, and they leaped into battle, helping their clan fight off Leafclan.

Silverstar was limping pretty badly, Brackenclaw had a badly bleeding eye and Mousetail had a torn ear aswell as several scratches on her belly and a nasty bite in her neck. Firepaw had been struck by Stormtail, a small bleeding scratch along her cheek was there to prove it. Silverstar ordered Mousetail and Brackenclaw, "Go to Lionfur and Silverpaw, take Frostpaw with you, you three have the worst of the wounds."
Mousetail opened her mouth to protest, but nodded and finally, guided the tom towards Lionfur's den. Silverstar turned to the apprentices, "You both, I wish to see you in my den."

Stonepaw rushed over to his sisters seeing they were there, "Where were you two? I've been looking all over for you both!"
He spotted the scratch on Firepaw's cheek, "How'd you get that?" His fur bristled but neither of the she- cats replied, they just followed Silverstar towards her den. Stonepaw just watched them as they left.

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