A Thunderclan apprentice is taken home.

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A Thunderclan apprentice is taken home. Empty A Thunderclan apprentice is taken home.

Post  Silverstar on Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:34 pm

Leafstar had just recently decided for the cats who brought Frostpaw into Leafclan, were to return her safely at the border. Silverstar was waiting at the border, along with a border patrol that she wished to go with her. Mousetail's eyes was still clouded with sorrow, but she was almost over the fact that she wouldn't get to greet her best friend again. Silverstar had decided that the other four apprentices mustn't go with this patrol, to make it easier on them, but she wasn't aware that Firepaw and Icepaw had hidden themselves amoungst some thorn bushes.

Brackenclaw began to tear up grass roots. Mousetail's first thought was, Is Leafstar really going to give us our apprentice without a fight? Is this just a trick?
Goldenear had Frostpaw held by the scruff like a kit. Firepaw almost bolted out and gave the two away but Icepaw quickly snatched her sister's tail in her teeth.
Firepaw hissed back quickly, "But they're treating Frostpaw as if she's a kit! This is an unhounerable way for her to return home!"
Icepaw hissed back quietly, "Do you want us to get into trouble?"
Firepaw relaxed, and Icepaw hesitantly let go, the two continued to watch.

Stormtail was with her, and Leafstar followed the patrol, she hissed to Silverstar, "Here's your pathetic apprentice back!"
Silverstar's neck fur bristled, but she didn't say anything, just dipped her head, "Are you really just going to give us our apprentice? You held her inside your camp, aren't you suspicious that we will send an attack?"
Leafstar growled, "I will keep our patrols up, If I know you, you wouldn't even bother sending patrols to attack, like those seasons ago, when Yellowfur died over nothing but hunting grounds."
"Those grounds were rightfully ours! Riverclan should have known better."
Leafstar nodded to Goldenear, who placed Frostpaw on the ground. Leafstar warned, "I'm warning you, you don't want to pick a fight with Leafclan."

Silverstar stalked up until she was a whisker away from the border, "You were nothing but a traitor and a theif!"
With that, Stormtail snarled, "Back off!"
Mousetail growled as she stalked forwards, "Try us!"
Stormtail bared his fangs and leaped at the Thunderclan she- cat. Brackenclaw leaped to defend his clanmate, but was bowled over by Leafstar, who pinned him to the ground.
Silverstar snarled at her, "Leafstar you fool! I should've known." She leaped at Leafstar and pinned her to the ground. Leafstar struggled underneath the older she- cat's weight, but Silverstar was much stronger and wiser then the new leader.

Stormtail was distracted momentarily by seeing his leader pinned, his grip had loosened, and Mousetail used her forepaw to quickly trip him off. She rolled back to her paws, then pinned Stormtail down, blood pounding in her ears. But Stormtial wasn't finished with her, he clawed at her belly with his hind paws, before giving a massive blow on her stomach, unltimately kicking her off.

Stormtail then rushed to help Goldenear, who was now struggling with Brackenclaw. Firepaw couldn't take it any more, she rushed out and leaped at Goldenear, catching the Leafclan warrior by suprise. Icepaw followed and charged into Leafstar, who finally got up after Silverstar went for Stormtail, by accident, making Leafstar fall over.

Mousetail had got back up and raced to help Brackenclaw. She grasped Stormtail's neck scruff, dragged him away and gave him a few blows, making him race away blindly back into Leafclan territory. Leafstar watched in horror as Goldenear struggled underneath two warriors, two apprentices and now the leader of Thunderclan. Leafstar yowled out, "Goldenear! Retreat! Back to our camp!"

The She- cat struggled free, she too raced off towards their camp, Leafstar followed last, looking over her shoulder quickly, before reluctantly turning away and racing off.
"Let's go home." Silverstar rasped, she turned her icy blue glare at Firepaw and Icepaw, "I will want to see the both of you in my den when we get there."
The two apprentices winced under their leader's scornfull glare, they all began to move off, Icepaw spotted that Silverstar had a bad limp, "Your limping!" She gasped.
Silverstar looked at her paw, "Nothing much, Leafstar bit my paw cruelly, but it's only a minor wound compared to some others..." Her voice faded off as she turned to Brackenclaw, who was leaning against Mousetail's shoulder. Mousetail was carrying Frostpaw in her jaws, but only because the apprentice was still unconscious.

"What's wrong with him?" Firepaw meowed, her voice trembling.
Silverstar followed the apprentice's gaze, then murmured, "I don't know... But I want him to go see Lionfur as soon as we return."
Firepaw nodded, and the group continued silently.

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