Swiftstar's warning

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Swiftstar's warning

Post  Silverstream on Mon May 09, 2011 9:02 pm

Swiftstar stretched out her paws and closed her eyes after letting out a yawn.

Swiftstar's dream took her to SkyClan's meadow...wait a minute!The meadows deserted!This must be the pastSwiftstar figured."The past and future are always hard to determine,no?" Swiftstar's head turned,"Blackscar!" Blackscar appeared from the misty forest and into the meadow,followed by Greenwind.Swiftstar rushed foward and brushed her muzzel against Blackscar and purred.Blackscar smiled,he was happy to see his first apprentice had survived leaf-bare.Swiftstar purred a greeting to Greenwind before backing up to give them some room."Is this the past?" Swiftstar knew it was rude to blurt out a question,but she needed to know if her clan was in danger."Unfortuanitly,the future." Swiftstar jumped at Blackscar's words."WHAAAAAT????" Greenwind's whiskers twiched in amusment as she watched Swiftstar blurt out a big WHAAAAAT."Tha-tha-thats inmpossible!SkyClan isnt weak!" "Of course its not.",Blackscar agreed."But even the strong fail sometimes." Swiftstar trembled at the thought."Bu-bu-bu-but what kind of power caused this?" Swiftstar was determined to prevent her clans destruction."You will see." Blackscar warned."But until then,keep a weary eye on the clan.Wouldnt want this warning to go to waste." Swiftstar nodded."And Swiftstar,Beware the winds from above,and we will send a hero dove."

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