Mousetail rushes into the den (Open to all)

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Mousetail rushes into the den (Open to all) Empty Mousetail rushes into the den (Open to all)

Post  Silverstar on Mon May 02, 2011 9:33 pm

Mousetail ran inside the medicine cat den where Lionfur was re organizing the herb stock. Her sides heaved as if she was trying to escape a monster from the Thunderpath.
"Lionfur." She rasped, Lionfur pricked up his ears, he could hear the urgency in her voice.
"Mousetail? What's wrong?" He swiftly got to her side.
"It's Snowfang, I found her, but I don't know if she's alive or just unconscious."
"Is she wounded?" Lionfur was hoping it wasn't too serious.
"Yes." Mousetail meowed. "She's badly wounded." Mousetail's meow could be heard throughout the camp. Firepaw entered, "What's wrong? Who's wounded?"

Lionfur meowed, "Firepaw, can you tell Silverstar where we'll be going? I need to make sure your mother is ok."
Firepaw nodded, "But where are you going?"
Mousetail answered, "I found her near Twoloegplace, follow me."

Mousetail rushed out, Lionfur at her heels, Firepaw whipped around to tell Silverstar.

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