Silverpaw's dream(Silverpaw,Blackscar,and Greenwind only)

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Silverpaw's dream(Silverpaw,Blackscar,and Greenwind only) Empty Silverpaw's dream(Silverpaw,Blackscar,and Greenwind only)

Post  Silverstream on Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:34 pm

Silverpaw opened her eyes to find herself in a meadow covered with flowers,but it was raining."Where am I?" she called out in fear.Suddenly,she thought of changing her mind about becoming medicine cat if she was going to do this every couple moons.She looked around her to find a forest in the distance,covered in mist.Out of the mist came two cats.One was black,covered in scars,and made Silverpaw shiver to look at it.The other one was brown,had green eyes,and looked like the wind was carring her across the meadow.The stopped when they where only a rabbitlength away from her.The one with scars spoke in a calm but bold voice,"Good evening Silverpaw.I am Blackscar." The brown one cut Blackscar off by saying,"and im Greenwind." "Ah yes.You see,we are former members of your clan.In fact,were your grandparents." Silverpaw looked excited,she had so many questions to ask them!"How did daddy die?" Blackscar was in shock when she said this."Blackscar,a child like this is to young to know this tragidy!",Greenwind spoke with kindness,but sounded cold in a way."Unacceptable!This child would never give him the respect he deserves if she didnt know how he died!",Blackscar argued.Greenwind rolled her eyes,"Fine.Tell the child.But remember to make it quick,we agreed on visiting Swiftstar and Mistclaw after this." Blackscar nodded,then tapped the ground three times and let out a roar.The scene distorted when he did this,and soon the scene distorted into a sunny day in the meadow.Sparrows flew across the Greenleaf bright sky."Come.",Blackscar commanded.Silverpaw followed the cats into the woods.The mist had disappeared,and was now sunshine.Even the woods was filled with bright sunshine that made it less scary.They came to Thunderclan's camp.Silverpaw saw Blackscar and Greenwind leaving for border patrols.The camp was full of busy cats,when she saw it,Snowfang and a strange looking cat with blue and grey fur just like her."Daddy!",she called out,but the scene stayed the same,as if no one heard her.Blackscar then told her,"This is a memory,we take no part in it,we only watch it.Its as if we arent here." Silverpaw nodded,she was sad that she couldnt talk to him,but greatful that she was going to find out why."Goodbye Silverfang!" the strange cat smiled,"Goodbye Snowfang." Silverfang turned around to leave,when suddenly a warrior's aprentice came running in,"Bloodclan!Bloodclan!Bloodclans attacking!All cats who cant fight,flee!" The scene became busy,cats scaterring around restlessly as they prepared for a fight.The tension was rising,fear was building,when the scene froze."Unfreeze it!Unfreeze it!Please!" Blackscar nodded,"I think we need a closer look though,because you need to be as close as possible to remain focused on one cat,er two cats." They trotted over to where Silverfang and Snowfang were.The scene continued when they sat down."Stay in the nursery!Ill guard it!",Silverfang showed no fear,but loads of panic.Snowfang nodded,and returned indoors.Silverfang stood at the entrance with bravery in his eyes.The Bloodclan cats had made it through the barrier of warriors,and were now heading towards the nursery."Stay away from my mate!",Silverfang roared at the two cats who wanted to get in.The two cats slashed at Silverfang,giving him a long red line on his side.Feeling dazed from the wound,Silverfang slashed at them,but because of his wound that was slowing him,the cats got out of the way with ease,and bit him.They bit him in the neck.Silverfang roared out in pain,hoping to get help.They sunk their teeth into him,not showing any sign of letting go.The scene distorted,and returned to the stormy night.A tiger raged through Thunderclan,blood stained it's fur."Come!",Blackscar had to yell his commands to get them heard over the sound of screams,roars,rain,and thunder.They dashed through camp,amazingly running through the cats there.They arrived at fourtrees.A lightning bolt struck Blackscar,but he looked fine."Beware,lightning will strike the same place twice,leaving blood where it goes." Another lightning bolt sturck Blackscar yet again,causing the ground to tremble.The wind blew feircly throughout the raging storm."Goodbye young one,we must go." "But wait!The meadow,Skyclan lives there!But it was empty when we went there!" Blackscar sighed,"Some clans cant hold on to life as long as others." Silverpaw was stunned,did he mean Skyclan would die?!Sleep over took Silverpaw,she fought,but sleep had one the battle.She closed her eyes,and the visions where gone.

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