Shadowfang's dream (For Shadowfang and Raintail)

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Shadowfang's dream (For Shadowfang and Raintail) Empty Shadowfang's dream (For Shadowfang and Raintail)

Post  Silverstar on Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:38 am

Shadowfang opened his eyes. He looked around, he was on his border, collecting some fresh burdock root when the scent of blood hit his nose.
Curious as to where it came from, he left his collecting and followed the scent. It came from Fourtrees, But Fourtrees is for gatherings, who'd stay there just to fight. Curious, Shadowfang stealthily crept up towards the great oaks. He spotted another cat, soluted by the darkness of the moon.

Then suddenly, a pair of pretty blue eyes shone back, fixed on him. Shadowfang then meowed, "R-Raintail? Wh- What are you doing here?"
Raintail was a she- cat, but before Shadowfang became an apprentice, they both were in love with each other. Then, when he was a medicine cat, Raintail was still in love with him. He had to tell her that they couldn't be mates, but Raintail didn't take it very well. She still loved him even when he tried his best to be loyal to Nightclan and Starclan. Raintail's long calico pelt turned silver, making her much more beautiful now.

Raintail's eyes were tearfull, and already Shadowfang fet regrettfull, memories stabbed him like an eagle's talons. When he was almost killed by a badger, Raintail had fought off the badger, but died in the process, "Don't you dare touch him!" She had hissed.
The badger rounded on her, "Raintail! Watch out!"
Eaglefur, Raintail's brother attacked the badger, but the badger hit him away.
The badger went for Raintail again, Raintail stood infront of Shadowfang, defensively. The badger went for the kill, Raintail sliced it's neck. The badger had crushed her, but Raintail... she killed herself to kill the badger.
Eaglefur couldn't live in Nightclan anymore, he left after blaming Shadowfang for her death.

Shadowfang looked away, "I... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." Shadowfang whispered, tears filling his eyes.
Raintail meowed, "I... You said you loved me, I loved you more then you know."
Shadowfang turned away, he couldn't look at her eyes, tears streamed down his face, making his pelt wet and shine a little silver where the tear left.
Raintail meowed, "At least I'll see you in Starclan when you join us."
Shadowfang then meowed, "But I've still got several seasons left in me... Will you really wait that long?"
Raintail nodded, it was raining and Shadowfang only just noticed now, he didn't realise it was raining the whole time. He then noticed a lightening bolt struck her.

Shadowfang just stared in fear, but Raintail didn't seem to notice, she meowed, "Beware, Lightening will strike the same place twice, leaving blood where it goes."
Shadowgfang blinked, tears rolled off his cheeks, he always seemed to cry because he missed Raintail's sweet scent and gentle voice. "What does that mean? Will Thunderclan attack us?"
Raintail didn't reply, Lightening struck her again, this time, she disappeared, however her warning stuck in his head, Beware, lightening will strike the same place twice, leaving blood where it goes.

Shadowfang could smell the blood again, he looked where the lightening struck, a small pool of blood was left behind. Shadowfang began to feel sleepy, he closed his eyes and woke up at the Moonstone. Chills ran down his spine. And already, he missed Raintail.

((Yeah... it's sad the story between these two... I was listening to Hello by Evanescence and it suited best.))

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