Lionfur's vision. (For Lionfur and Dawnpaw, both my cats)

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Lionfur's vision. (For Lionfur and Dawnpaw, both my cats) Empty Lionfur's vision. (For Lionfur and Dawnpaw, both my cats)

Post  Silverstar on Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:50 am

Lionfur opened his eyes, a harsh cold breeze buffled him about. He was standing in camp, all he could smell was fresh blood. The smell was intoxicating, he climbed up highrock to see what was going on, when suddenly Lightening struck, lighting up the sky. Lionfur looked about the clearing, not a single sound could be heard, all around him he could see cats, all motionless, littering the floor. He spotted a moving body however, desperately, Lionfur ran over to see if he could find anything else out.

The body stood up, Lionfur skidded to a halt, before him he saw a tiger, the eyes shone like flames. It ran after him, Lionfur yowled as fear gripped his heart, causing him to become stiff. He couldn't lift a paw to stop the tiger as it neared him. Then suddenly, he could hear a yowl of protest and a hiss as a brown pelt flashed past him, knocking the tiger off it's paws.

Lightening struck again, Lionfur had to jump aside. The tiger turned tail and fled, Dawnpaw turned to face him. Her eyes wide with fear and her pelt sparkled like silverpelt. Lionfur began to shiver, something was wrong, fear scent wafted from her in waves, "What happened?" He asked.
Dawnpaw flicked her eyes about, "Follow me, quickly before he comes back."

Dawnpaw rushed ahead, leading Lionfur out and away from the Thunderclan camp. Then when they reached Fourtrees Dawnpaw stopped, Lionfur began to relax, "What's going on? Who was that?"
Dawnpaw replied, "You'll see soon enough-"
"But what happened to Thunderclan?" Lionfur demanded, "Why wasn't I there? Please tell me!" His fur was fluffing out in fear.
Dawnpaw shook her head, "If you were there you couldn't save them." A lightening bolt struck where Dawnpaw was, but she didn't get hurt.
"Why are you showing me this? What's going to happen to Thunderclan?" Lionfur began to feel sleep grip him again.
Dawnpaw replied, "Beware, Lightening will strike the same place twice, leaving blood where it goes."
"No!" Lionfur hissed, "What's causing the lightening? Please Dawnpaw, tell me more!"
Dawnpaw began to fade, "Tiger is waiting to arrive, beware of the outsiders..."
Lionfur was about to leap to her to ask for more, but had to move backwards for another bolt of lightening struck Dawnpaw, she was gone, leaving a pool of scarlet blood behind.

"Dawnpaw!" He yowled out, but Dawnpaw... was gone. Sleep gripped Lionfur, he knew it was time to return, as he closed his eyes, Dawnpaw's voice sounded again, "Beware, Lightening will strike the same place twice, leaving blood where it goes."

Lionfur opened his eyes, he was back at the moonstone, his legs cramped from where he was, the dream fresh in his mind and the cold that gripped his body, died away.

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